Diolli CRM

Diolli crm

professional web-based CRM for matchmaking agency

Svetlana Mukha, the founder of matchmaking agency Diolli, contacted me in the late summer 2014. Svetlana and her team help men all over the world and ladies from Ukraine to find each other to create strong family relationships.

More than half of matchmaker’s working time is spent on managing database of ladies and clients (men). From time to time matchmaker needs to prepare ladies’ profiles for sending them to client. This process includes entering personal data, photos and videos. At the same, matchmaker must remember which ladies’ profiles were sent to which clients, which clients have made the payment and which haven’t. Also, matchmaker has to keep ladies database up to date. Security conditions are crucial: ladies’ profiles must not get in open access, but every client must have the opportunity to look through them without registration, authorization or any other extraneous actions. He should just follow the link he gets from matchmaker’s letter.

Website design, logo and corporate identity Svetlana has ordered to SSN Creative Group. These are very talented guys with an excellent portfolio.

Our part of the job with website diolli.con was the following:
1) To make markup of diolli.com;
2) To integrate it to WordPress content management system;
3) To make diolli.com multilingual (5 languages);
4) To make necessary software improvements;
5) To fill diolli.com with content (text, photos, videos);
6) To pass ready and functional website to client.

My participation in this part of the project was as a project manager. I’ve been controlling and guiding work of the front-end developer and php-programmer. To see the results, please, follow this link. But we are a little distracted. I still want to tell you about Diolli CRM, because we have done it from the very beginning to an end.

So, our tasks for Diolli CRM were the following:

• To make an interface
• To markup all pages, forms and windows
• To make back-end
• To pass ready and functional CRM to client
• … and to make some minor improvements.

Diolli CRM structure includes two sections: Ladies and Men. You can find a brief description of each section below.

This section is fully confidential, only matchmaker has access to it. Here you can find men’s (contractor’s) profiles which matchmaker works with. Main point of this section is to see clients’ profiles and be able to send links to ladies’ profiles to them. A subsystem of temporary links to profiles has been realized – matchmaker is able to set the time of profiles’ activity. Created but not sent lists of ladies’ profiles are blue. Sent and active ones are green. Sent lists with expired date are red.

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